[s-cars] ECS Big Reds, Mintex reds, and horrendous brake squeal

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 3 22:18:56 EST 2003

Squeal totally depends on the setup-
I was running Hawk HPS on all 4 wheels and had no squeal with the
Porsche noise dampeners in 996 calipers (S2UFO).

I get no squeal w/ the OEM Porsche Textars, but a TON of dust.

Now running Hawk HP Plus (dust terribly) in the rear, will get
some HPS this spring for the front along with a set of Porterfield
R4 for the track.

So far, I like the Hawk HPS for a street pad, haven't tried enough
others to say that it's the ultimate or anything, though.


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