[s-cars] Polling for A8 owners + Stealer Visit

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 3 22:31:12 EST 2003

That's Chicago area labor rates?!? Ouch.

Stealer in the Philly area charges $85/hr., I think
the stealer in North Jersey is around the same.

BTW, $115 for a switchblade remote is cheap- Mom's
New Beetle required a $160 part, unless you're
talking about only the remote part w/o the metal
key half.

The worst is when the dealer messes up when I specifically
ask them to code the auto-up/auto-down via remote feature for
the power windows (which the A4 has) and the stealer says they
can't because of liability reasons and there was a memo about
this. Call VWoA and no such memo exists. Lying bastards in North
Jersey- all of the VW and Audi dealers are terrible.


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