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The falloff in function in snow and poor conditions is a result of wearing
thru a lot of the sipes on the tread. A lot of tires have sipes that a more
for appearance than anything else. On some Blizzak models; 42% of the sipes
were only 1 mm deep.  Some others tires like the Dunlop D60A2 or 65 were
very similar to that. On those Dunlops at about 12 to 15k the good function
that you had would disappear.  A lot of tires are marketed on looks and not
function. More of the Scandinavian tire companies use molds where all the
sipes go full depth down to 2/32".  Tires there are sold more on function
and word of mouth than the marketing machines that say North America has.
Here if we see enough ads for a product; sooner or later a lot of people
will buy it.

When you examine the reults of tire tests and then were to see how that same
#1 rated tire did at say half tread depth a lot of people would be surprised
  My rule of thumb when I tell customers to replace snow tires is at 5 or
6/32" tread depth if you want optimal function and you feel like your life
depends on the tires.

Greg Galinsky
G & G Service

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Hi Taka;

As a rule of thumb, I always replace my snow tires when they get down to 50%
remaining tread depth. I find the high speed traction and stability in slush
and snow falls off considerably at this point and they act more like
all-season tires than snow tires. If you spend most of your time toodling
around town it probably doesn't matter as much, but 90% of my driving is

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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That sounded pretty much like my Christmas, although it was driving in
heavy rain in the morning and snow at night.

Is it just me or do Dunlop Wintersport M2s drop off dramatically in
terms of traction and directional stability once you use up 1/3 to
1/2 of the original tread?


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