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     Sorry to hear about your crash. We had an accident (with 105 mph
initial speed) with my girlfriend at the wheel a few years back and the
Audi did beautifully (enough so that other drivers stopped traffic and
clapped when it was over, thanking her for not taking them out as well
and for regaining control after an SUV tried to force us off the road).
The pictures of the post-accident damages are posted if anyone is


It's amazing how little damage we suffered (it is also amazing how
little of the accident was felt inside the vehicle -- just a mild bump,
and amazing that the insurance company totaled the car simply because
the adjustor couldn't get the hood open).

As for buying the wrecked car back -- the first question that comes to
mind is "how much"? I am sure there are people on the list who would
love to get their hands on it for total value (I guess around $400 -
$450). The second question then becomes will you part it out (and do
you have the space & time to do so), or will you let someone else do
so? Naturally, if you are buying carbon-copy of that car, keep the
existing one for parts for yourself :)

Best Wishes,
=-= Marc Glasgow

Begin forwarded message:

> Well I thought this was a good segway to inform all
> you S-Heads there is one less Sedan in the world.
> On the evening of Christmas day while retuning from a
> day of exchanging gifts and general merriment,
> traveling home in a fairly heavy rainstorm my family
> and I survived a serious crash after hydroplaining and
> spinning across 4 lanes of traffic. My beutifil
> Toranado red 95 S6 is a write off.  It gave its life
> to protect ours. Fortunately no other car was
> involved. I suffered burns from the air bag and some
> bruising, my wife, two pretty bad ankle sprains sore
> neck and the kids ensconsed in thier child seats in
> the back were just scared.
> While the LEO (WSP)who responed indicated Id probably
> recieve a ticket for "too fast for conditions" he
> commented that he'd already responed to 4 such crashes
> that eve. and that If it was up to him (I thought it
> was?) he wouldnt write me, but it was the way WA state
> law was written (quote!)!?!
> No matter. The fam. was safe and after this my first
> expriance in a crash of that magnitude I feel VERY
> fortunate that all that was lost was my car.
> To keep this sort of on thread, the skins on the car
> were Michelin Pilots at about 1/2 orig. tread.
> Any opinions on wether I should consider buying the
> car back as salvage? and what an appropriate value
> might be? Prior the car was 9 of 10 inside and out
> with 100K on the OD. the crash punched both ends the
> pass. front taking most of the blow but motor looks to
> have survived.
> Am now on a quest to find an Avant of the same
> vintage.

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