[s-cars] CV Joint Going Bad?

Cody Payne Cody.Payne at bconnected.com
Mon Jan 6 17:41:24 EST 2003

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Hey Rob,
    Ya we checked that too..it was a bit loose but even after tightening w/=
 a set of Channel Locks about 3' Long it is still doing it.


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It could be the strut retaining cap on the strut tower isn't tight enough, =
and the strut insert binds then releases (within the its "play" inside the =
housing) when you turn the wheel. BTDT -- & Thanks to Igor for identifying =
the solution!

Put a big plumbers pipe wrench on it, and tighten it with all you've got (m=
aybe not the Bentley torque spec, but it worked for me.)

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        As you know I am still unable to find some creaking/popping noise o=
n my 92 UrS4.  Seems now to be most apparent at slow speeds and especially =
w/ the steering wheel turned.  I have check the suspension, tie-rods, sway-=
bar bushings motor and tranny mounts...all see fine.  Is it possible a car =
w/ 143K miles on it to have one of the CV joints go bad?  As sometimes I ca=
n feel it even in the pedals at slow speeds when it pops and creaks.




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