[s-cars] RE: RSB Adapters or "watch your sub-frame stud nuts"

mlp qwest mlped at qwest.net
Mon Jan 6 19:22:29 EST 2003

Joe, that's the point.  As far as I am aware there is NO WAY (at least no
simple way) to remove or replace these bolts/studs.  OTOH, they do collect
water in the area inside the sub-frame, around the stud, that the nut "seals
off" when it's bolted up.

My suggestion FWIW, whether one is doing a RSB kit or not, just as an
occasional prophylactic preventative measure, if you have the car up in the
air for service is to occasionally (say at 60 or 100K) consider pulling the
rear sub frame to chassis nuts off & filling the hole around the stud with
some kind of water displacing / repellant grease or something.

Checking the level of rust &/or corrosion in the stud wells can't take but
10 - 15 minutes at the most.  It doesn't even really require a lift to do.
As long as the nuts are removed & replaced one at a time, I can't see that
there is even much risk of the sub frame moving involved.  OTOH, others on
the list might have a better suggestion for (a) what to use as a rust
inhibitor / water repellant; & (b) the risks involved in loosening then
retightening the sub-frame bolts.

I throw this in the category of otherwise unmentioned &/or undocumented &/or
or otherwise a possibly little known and oft overlooked "maintenance" item
like occasionally changing the "permanent" transmission & differential
lubricants; occasionally re-greasing the drive shaft U joints etc.

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to post the "watch your sub-frame stud
nuts" item to the general list in case someone else has something to say
about the pristine or not condition of their nuts & studs.


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~From: Joseph Pizzimenti [mailto:pizzoman at yahoo.com]
~Regarding the stud mounts, I guess it would be prudent
~to replace the sub frame bolts if oxidized at time of
~installation, no?  Anything else to watch out for in
~the back?
~--- mlp qwest <mlped at qwest.net> wrote:
~> Joe -
~> The mounting concern is with the sub frame bolts, or
~> more appropriately I
~> suppose you would call them "studs" to which the
~> adapters mount.  I believe
~> the adapter it self is very strong.
~> So far as I know, there is no way to remove or
~> change these studs to a
~> larger bolt/stud.  When you get around to the
~> install, I think this will be
~> clearer to you.  I'd check the mount to the studs
~> frequently.
~> Mike
~> ~-----Original Message-----
~> ~From: Joseph Pizzimenti [mailto:pizzoman at yahoo.com]
~> ~Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 12:21 PM
~> ~To: mlped at qwest.net
~> ~Subject: Re: RSB Adapters
~> ~
~> ~
~> ~Thanks much, Mr. P!
~> ~I will check out the install procedure when the big
~> ~bar gets here and probably bug you accordingly.
~> Have
~> ~you looked into an improved mounting system that
~> will
~> ~eliminate any reliability issues you foresee with
~> the
~> ~"ridiculous, but necessary" 26mm bar?  Since I am
~> ~somewhat of a novice at these things, should I just
~> ~make sure the bushings are okay from time to time
~> or
~> ~is there something else to look for?
~> ~
~> ~Thanks,
~> ~Joe
~> ~--- mlp qwest <mlped at qwest.net> wrote:
~> ~> Joe & Paul
~> ~>
~> ~> The adapter kits went in the USPS Priority mail
~> ~> Saturday.
~> ~> Your tracking #'s are:
~> ~>
~> ~> 0302 0980 0001 2591 8596
~> ~>
~> ~> 0302 0980 0001 2591 8572
~> ~>
~> ~> Please let me know when the arrive or if you have
~> ~> any further questions that
~> ~> the install CD doesn't address.
~> ~>
~> ~> Mike Pederson
~> ~>

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