[s-cars] Unglued Rear View Mirror Fix

Airbil at aol.com Airbil at aol.com
Mon Jan 6 23:39:58 EST 2003

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Having now done this three or four times, here's what IME is the correct fix:
Get mirror adhesive pak from auto parts store or even grocery store.
Ever so carefully separate downed mirror from the base.  This will enable you
to avoid having to tape the whole mirror to the windshield (a rather
difficult task) for reinstallation.
Do this by first getting mirror to room temp or a little warmer.  Then place
mirror flat face down on table.
Hold this down with one hand while pulling/popping the ball STRAIGHT out
from the socket.  Otherwise you risk breaking the little plastic clamps that
hold the ball in place (especially if too cold..btdt:(
Now grab an eraseable marker, position the base where it should be and draw a
circle so you know where the mirror re installs.  There should be a lack of
haze on the glass where it was before.
Apply adhesive to the base and glass and let cure as directed. ( I forget how
long it takes to fully cure)
This will affix the base to the windshield.
Finally while holding base securely with one hand ( I believe I wedged my
elbow on the dash while bracing the base with my palm), CAREFULLY align
base-ball with socket on mirror and it will pop back in with one good
straight-on push.  Voila!
Bill m -looking ahead while watching behind

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