[s-cars] C-4 A Pillar gauge pod(s)

Frank Amoroso frank at s-cars.org
Tue Jan 7 08:31:41 EST 2003

Greetings gents,

Well, I recieved the modified A pillar gauge pod form Supreme Power parts.
It is a spot on match for the factory material and the pod is integrated to
a factory look. Very clean, and quite nice. I'll send Darin a pic or two to
post up to the site.

In the meantime, you can see what their B5 offerings look like at their
site (looks damn similar to the C-4 unit they made up for me).

Anyway, the price is $265 for a single pod (w/o gauge). Add $85 for each
additional pod. They have gauges available too.

The contact is Eric Nareshni.

eric at supremepowerparts.com
(714)632-1951 Office
(714)632-9249 Fax

frank at s-cars.org

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