[s-cars] Rearview Mirror adhesive

CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Tue Jan 7 04:36:57 EST 2003

Auto parts stores sell the proper adhesive for this task; just pick up
a tube and follow the directions closely. You only need to hold it for
about 15 seconds once it's ready to go up (don't have to press hard,
just enough to keep it from slipping, one finger sort of thing). One
word of caution, having done this recently on another car: be very
careful about the rotational orientation when you get ready to set it
down, because once it contacts, it's staying there -- a few degrees off
can be annoying.

As for Lee's experience, he must be built like a linebacker... But if
his suggestion is valid at most auto-glass shops, it is the better

Best Wishes,
=-= Marc Glasgow

you wrote:
Mirror  just came off in my hands while adjusting...agree that
maintaining pressure against the windshield after applying adhesive
might be the biggest difficulty. Suggestions? Adhesive preferences?

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