[s-cars] quick question

Paul Krasusky KrasuskyP at FirstInterBank.com
Wed Jan 8 08:08:29 EST 2003

Tom finally dropped in, and asked:

<<<Hey Paul K, howd your seat-heater-athon go?>>>

Hey TOM!  Great to hear you're still lurking, at least.

What's your BPV "doing" that you're suspect?  Many listers are using that
Stratmosphere unit with high remarks thus far (Rich, Ray, etc.), FWIW, not
me yet until I fry my new-ish 710N.  I think it's roughly a-buc-forty or

Seatheaterathon?  Er, it went OK, if OK means that not one of us touched our
seats.  Well, car seats at least...

Basically, Tomlinson concluded the night prior that there is bygodnof'nway
to get in there and "repair" a broken element as we'd hoped (anyone have
thoughts to the contrary, me tushy is cold!).  Platt got his headlight
lenses off and cleaned.  Ray adjusted my throttle linkage (GREAT effect!), I
didn't get my new O2 sensor in as f'n PARTS BIN sent me the wrong one (yes,
F-YOU Parts Bin, won't be going back there, CRAP cust. serv., end rant), and
Perron removed my IC to take home ambient temp bulb for soldering.  Oh, that
and we drank beer (surprise).

This evolved into install Euro tail lights and snow tiresathon, then onto
install Rossato's donated chrome bezeled IC / 2w bulbsathon the following
week or so.

Hope to see you back again more regularly both here and in CT!  Stay tuned
for Ice Racingathon sometime late Jan. / early Feb...

CT winter wonderland
'95 //S6 enjoying the daily snow
'58 TR3A enjoying mouse nibbling and defecation

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