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Robert -

I've been told some real "snow" tires, because of snow tread designs,
while size "specified" the same as a regular or performance tire,
sometimes actually fit "larger" than they seem spec'd for.  Only way to
be sure is to fit the tire to the car.  235/45 and the 245/40
performance sizes are sometimes pushing the limits of space, though
there are those on the list who've found the right wheel / tire combo to
allow them to run 255's without rubbing, .... Much.

That said, why go with the "performance tire" width specification?
Wider is usually NOT better where snow &/or ice conditions are
concerned.  In fact "thinner is better" is the usual rule.  I think you
can get a 225 in the correct rolling diameter by going with something
like a 50 series aspect ratio.  From my limited experience, if you
decide to consider the narrow can be better idea, I'd recommend asking
about what tire might be thought to have the stiffer side wall.  I've
found the I think there is a big difference between Michelin "Pilot"
Alpin's and their "regular" non "H" rate winter Alpin's.

A lot of past winter tire talk has revolved around who's winter snow can
eat more than anyone else's.  Around here (the Colorado front range),
despite being in alleged snow country, we seem to have dry roads 95%+ of
the time.  I've more interested in that part of the winter tire
performance debate that mentions how little dry road performance the
tire feels it has sacrificed, yet still got a "winter" (not just all
season M&S) rating.  OTOH, when I was driving into the high country
every weekend, I was a lot more focused on stopping.  In that case, I
wanted something a lot more like a studded snow.  IME, whatever snow
falls on the interstate, doesn't stay "snowy" for long.  It's usually
polished off ice.


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Iam buying a set of snows, and want to be sure they will fit under the
wheelwells.  Iam looking at the  Dunlop Winter Sport M2s in a 235/45 17
size.  This is going on a Ronal SL 7 1/2x17 35mm offset. The car has
Eibachs with Bilstein Sports.  I was trying to keep close to the
original tire's rolling radius, by buying the same size.


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