[s-cars] no heat follow up

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at wcom.com
Wed Jan 8 18:53:23 EST 2003

Just looked under hood of my S and could not locate the heater control valve
as exists in my 5KCSTQ.  I thought this might be the culprit but...  Does
this type of vacuum operated valve exist in the s-cars?  Perhaps your heat
problems are as simple as low coolant level?  Just a stab in the dark but...

On a related but different subject, I get nice warm air until the preset
temp is reached then the temperature cools down significantly.  On the
5KCSTQ the temp remains constant but the fan slows down.  I much prefer this
approach to climate control.  Is it because I always control the temp/fan
speed manually?  Meaning I never hit the Auto button.  Or is this a
"feature" of the S-cars?


Mark Pollan

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On my 86 400Q, the valve went bad inside, couldn't see it but the flap
(?) inside the valve was broken off. I bypassed teh valve for heat
until I could get a new valve (got lots of heat then...and I mean LOTS)


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> I found the valve right behind the dash and externally it appears
> that the
> thing is working.  The white cable housing moves a total of about 45
> degrees
> when changing from low to high temperature, but still no heat coming
> in.  At
> best the hi heat blows at about the temperature of someone's breath.
> Anyone
> encountered a problem like this.
> RW
> PA
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