[s-cars] suspension advice

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Thu Jan 9 16:40:51 EST 2003


I am running a set of custom coil-overs on the rear of my car. Due to problems with stock componentry, you can't run coil-overs in the front. The new 2Bennett soild-spherical camber/caster plates will allow you to run coil-overs. Eibachs and Bisteins make up the rest of my suspension. Combined with the Happersized 26mm RSB and the older and much louder 2Bennett camber plates, my car feels really good when going around circles of varying radii. I'm neutral through apex with slight oversteer at exit.

Hap, radically radial with my radii in Evergreen, Maguire

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