[s-cars] Need Help - Very Rough Shifting!

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Sat Jan 11 13:34:56 EST 2003

Randy:  Minus 22 Grad? Das ist klein fraulein kaldt!!  Minus 40 Grad.
Ausgescheidtnet!  Das kaldt ist!!

When I lived on the Prairies (Saskatoon), I had a 70 Datsun 510 ice
racer with a 200 SX 2L, "race pattern" 5 speed.  When left outside too
long, it had to have its clutch depressed until after the motor was warm
enough to not stall in neutral when the clutch was let out, i.e. the
gear oil in the transmission probably had the viscosity of thick axel

At the same time, my 1980 Jetta transmission wasn't too happy either,
especially 2nd gear syncro, in cold weather. I took to always doing a
little neutral dogleg/donut on the shift from first to second.  I still
do this on cold mornings with the S4.  I think it gives a bit more time
to pick up the syncro.  Works.  Not cure but it prevents nasty grinding
noises until you are up to minimum operating temps.

Dave F.

Randy Lewis wrote:

I have a stiff shifting 96 so you are not alone, high temperature here
y was -22 C, which is  a tad chilly and does make for stiff shifting.
 email has reminded me to ask my tech, but I look forward to hearing
what t=
he other S-Heads have to say.....probably just you northern S-Heads !!!!

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