[s-cars] Re: NAC, but more turbo content

Frank Amoroso fjamoroso at webtv.net
Sat Jan 11 10:57:43 EST 2003

I had a WRX wagon w/ 5 spd (factory short-shift) for about a week. For
$25k you get a lotta performance in a really fun little car. A4 1.8tqm
Avant may be more refined, have more amenities, and a better build
quality. However the WRX still lunches it at the stop-light grand prix.
Tough to feel superior about your ride when the ~$5,000 cheaper car is
pulling away from you and all you have is a great view of its tail
lights from your comfy, plush, entry level luxury interior.

On top of that the WRX took a 1.0 Bar APR chipped '01 A4 tqm from a stop
light as well.

Subaru and Mitsu got game. Others need to catch up. VW / Audi doesn't
provide  a boost gauge, and STI & Lancer have IC spraybars! A bit of a
gap, wouldn't you say?

Frank at s-cars.org

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