[s-cars] OEM High Freq horns?

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Sat Jan 11 20:48:52 EST 2003


Those are the stock horns.

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

Scott writes:
> Hey guys,
> While "playing" mechanic today, I was under the car finding that
> my supposed
> coolant leak was really just a washer fluid leak that was
> distilling into a
> vibrant blue-green fluid by passing through the intercooler fins
> and drying
> out in the belly pan and noticed 2 "horns" on the passenger side
> up near the
> bumper.  My French isn't so good, but it appears to read "High Frequency
> Horn" in French...  looks like they have 2 power leads going in and that's
> it.  Living in Elk Country, I guess these are Uber Animal deterrants...
> Were these OEM?  Or something done by a prior owner?

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