[s-cars] Suitable bumper for FMIC applications?

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I believe that is an S2 bumper...
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Hey guys,

Just bored tonight. When I'm bored, I'm left to my thoughts. My thoughts are
almost completely dominated by what my car "needs". Being a car nut is a
disease, I tell ya!

I was thinking of Mike Pedersen's/Hap's FMIC, and was wondering if
anyone/company has a front bumper shell suitable for an FMIC application.
Hap sent me a pic of his bumper, but I believe he was looking to upgrade to
another, more aesthetic, solution.

Reiger has an RS2-look bumper, but I'm not a fan of it. The bottom of the
reiger RS2 front would necessitate sideskirts to complete a uniform look all
around. To me, aftermarket sideskirts= an unnecessary aerodynamic burden,
not to mention they usually look like crap. My ideal bumper would be
something OEM look, of course. Something that doesn't draw any attention.

 I got to thinking about the European-Spec later model Cabriolet with it's
"mini-rs2" look bumper.  It's shorter(height-wise) compared to the RS2,
which makes it look even with the rest of car.
Here's what I'm talking about:

Other than the SEIDL, and Reiger covers, is there anything else out there
for those who, one day, hope to have enough power to necessitate a FMIC?

-off to play some NFL2K3 to right the wrongs that occurred today. Stupid,yet
loveable, Titans. :angry:
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