[s-cars] Re: WRX (was NAC, but more turbo content)

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 12 13:38:11 EST 2003

The rotating behavior of the subies could possibly
have to do with a shorter wheelbase of the impreza
line vs. our rather stretch limo wheelbase.  I hear a
bigger RSB may end those woes.  :-)
Also, look at engine placement.  The I-5 sits in front
of the front diff = UNDERSTEER.  Boxer 4 sits low and
back = better balance.
When a buddy of mine with a 2.5RS was doing launches
in 6 inches of powder about 3 winters ago, I recall
fronts spinning, then rears spinning and it went back
and forth, which leads me to believe that it is, in
fact, center Torsen based.


--- Matt Russell <skippertgore at hotmail.com> wrote:
> My biggest complaint is the seats.  Fix the seats,
> give me some more leg
> room and I might consider a WRX as an option.
> Quick question: the AWD systems in Subies and Audi's
> are completely
> different, right?  reason for asking is I drove a
> sube for 3 years
> periodically in the snow, and the ass end always
> seemed to step out more
> often than my s4's does in similar conditions.
> -Matt, co
> 92 s4
> **************
> The styling will never compare with my A4, but you
> can't have everything. I
> am especially disappointed with the rice boy wing on
> the new Sti.
> Richard
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