Subject: Re: [s-cars] UrS4 Speaker sizes?and the BOSE sub.

Mike Platt mplatt911 at
Mon Jan 13 06:15:24 EST 2003

Hi Mark,
Just happened to catch your email to the list. My S6
avant will someday be loosing the Bose setup. Could
you give me a few more details of how you wedged in
the woofer and tweeter into the stock Bose boxes. I
have had mine out a few times due to problems. They
are not long for this world.
If only I can figure out how to either keep the Bose
subwoofer or have something fabricated to fit in the
same location. Anyone tried that one?

Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 17:49:29 -0500

6x9 for sure back deck
and the front door speakers are about 4.5 " round with
a triangular
just shy of 4 1/4 " hole to hole.
I replaced my door speakers with a set of Boston
acoustic Pro 5.5
series. I
even used the Bose tuned port box and factory grill.
Added the tweeter
the upper speaker location, all has been good from the

I can take and send some digital pictures of the stock
speaker if you
em .


Mark S
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Mike P
95.5 S6 avant
75 911 Carrera targa
74 914 2.0

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