[s-cars] If your messages require moderator approval read this

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Mon Jan 13 13:42:58 EST 2003


A number of you likely have noticed that non-members are no longer
allowed to post to the list.  This was done in order to curb spam and
virus attempts to the list.

If you wish to post to the list you need to post to the list using the
address with which you subscribed.  If they don't match your post will
be held for approval.  I've been pretty good about approving messages to
the list in the past but as of right now I am without a reliable
internet connection.

What do you do to fix the situation?   Well, if you normally receive
mail from a home account and wish to be able to post from work but not
receive mail at work (or home) then simply subscribe the other address
and set it to the "no mail" option.

You should be able to modify existing accounts here:
http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/s-car-list     (see bottom of page)

I am off-line and unable to do much more than send a quick e-mail such
as this one until later this week.  So far my cable internet provider
has not been able to determine the cause of my outage but they do tell
me it could take a while to fix.  Wonderful.   ;-)


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