[s-cars] UrScar stereo head units

Steve Marinello smarinello at telocity.com
Mon Jan 13 21:38:14 EST 2003

Okay, so we've got the oversized Delta unit in the later '95's and '95.5's,
as in my avant.  However, the early S6 sedan I picked up has the diff switch
and therefore has the cigarette lighter up on the right side of the console
and has a reduced space for a unit.  In fact, the PO had replaced it with a
normal DIN Alpine unit; the fact thta the idiot just hooked them up to the
Bose in the rear deck not withstanding.

SO, the question is, can that little cigarette lighter section be had and is
it all that would be necessary to convert to a normal, or maybe still
slightly oversized, DIN space?  you'd have to dual wire the second 12 volt
hookup, but I'd appreciate another one of those anyway....phone and radar.

Anyone know the facts on this?

By the way, Mark, on my sedan I can't imagine fitting 5 1/4" or 5" in the
door location...maybe a four inch, but I've got to pull the cover off and



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