[s-cars] various urS-car parts for sale and my Defection

Scott Betzold sbetzold at carolina.rr.com
Mon Jan 13 23:23:52 EST 2003


I have some other stuff from my departed 1995.5 S6. I have returned the
car to stock and am going to try to sell it as a repairable car with a
salvage title. If it does not fetch a good enough price, I will sadly
part it out.

Yes I hate to deliver the sad news but I have defected to the Bi-turbo
crowd. I really hate to be doing this as my "new to me" 2000 S4 just
does not have the balls that my S6 had. I hope with a few mods, I can
connect with the new Audi....

- Samco lower intercooler hose $80obo

- APR Bypass valve. Adjustable, silver, $90obo

- 6 disk CD Changer with one magazine, used - $200obo

- OEM 92 S4 springs with Bilstein Sport shocks, rear shock bodies have 2
custom grooves by Bilstein for height adjustment in 10mm increments. -

- custom downpipe flanges for turbo and wastegate connections, I bought
these from Graydon Stuckley a year or so ago. I never got around to
building a custom downpipe. Turbo flange is 2.5" tapered for perfect
venture after turbo. very trick. $60obo.

- Set of 5 Brass injector seats. Factory Motorsport upgrade part for
plastic ones.  No o-rings but they are the same as OEM. In bag, never
installed. $50obo

- factory phone, make offer...

E-mail me with your interest,

Scott Betzold
Charlotte NC

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