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James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
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Seems to be true of the Ford Focus too... I was driving a Ford Focus over t=
he holidays, the driver was to scared driving on icy-snow covered roads in =
the country and ask me to take over... well, let me tell you! I was not imp=
ressed with that car, hell I was scared a few times. Ok a lot had to do wit=
h the crappy snow tires she had on the car, but to my suprize the car did n=
ot have ABS !!! I thought all new cars had it, I thought it was standard !?=
 This was a 2002 model with electric windows, A/C, etc... but no ABS? I jus=
t can't understand why they wouldn't put it on all new cars?

Of course I didn't help matters when I had to proove the car actually didn'=
t have ABS, the girls where not impressed with me... hehehehe...


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> Guys
> To clear up a slip of the keyboard, as I'm sure Scott did not do it delib=
erately, ABS is now a delete option on some GM cars. In fact the General do=
es it for you, he has removed from the base specification of some of the ch=
eaper models and it is now a $400 option. But you do get more cup holders i=
n the base specification.
> GM has never been interested in safety, unless its cost free. For years t=
he company banged on about how it was safer to be thrown clear of the car i=
n an accident, lied to Congress about the cost of seat belts and then disco=
uraged their use by adopting quitre the most aweful two belt arrangement ev=
er dreamt up. But its ok, 'cos what is good for GM is good for America.
> On a more cheerful note, Auto Bilt tested a Audi 3.0 quattro, a VW Touare=
g, an Renault Kangoo, a Porsche C4, BMW 325i, and aToyota Corona in packed =
and deep snow for handling and traction the Audi A4 came out on top in all =
tests. Conclusion was the Audi have learnt a thing or two.
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