[s-cars] Larger Tires and Rims

Trevor Frank tfrank at symyx.com
Tue Jan 14 09:11:35 EST 2003

At some point you might have problems getting heat into a really large
tire with a certain compound.  I guess if you couldn't find a compound
that was soft enough you could run into problems with this.  On the
track the tire size is usually dictated by the class that you run.  The
approach that I have seen taken in almost all racing, except maybe rally
in the snow and dirt, is to use the largest softest compound that you
can get away with.  I guess if we worry about having a ruff ride on the
street while still having enough spring on the track then you might want
to stay with a smaller less aggressive tire.  I think a 400# car would
do well with some larger tires, apparently MTM thought so to.

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Trevor writes:

> Has anyone modified there fenders so that they could fit something
> bigger than 255's under the wheel wells.  Is it that simple "rolling
> the fender wells"  or are some other modifications needed.  I have
> seen some articles on the MTM RS2/RSR where they put 10 inch rims on
> the front of the car with 265 or 275 tyres.  I don't what to go to the

> extreme's of the Black Beast, but I would be interested to try and fit

> 275's on the front and rear of the car.  To this end what is the
> largest lightest rim and offset for our cars.  Can we fit a 9-10" rim
> under the fender wells withought modifications?

Isn't there a point of diminishing returns?

Is there an *ideal* tire size for our chassis?

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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