[s-cars] Wheel Question

AW weststar at ziplink.net
Tue Jan 14 14:37:20 EST 2003

Dear S Car Brain Trust,

I know some Listers have used the Porsche C2 Cup wheels on their UrS4 (as
this was apparently an option on the European RS-2), I was wondering by that
same application, would the 15 inch Porsche Fuchs rims also fit on my S4?

The goal is, I have snow tires mounted on the Porsche Fuchs rims and wanted
to use them on the S4.  All rims and tires are the same (i.e. rims and tires
are not a different front back configuration).

The rims came off my 1985 944, which I believe will also take the same size
Cup 2 wheels some Lister have placed on their Urs4s.

My thanks in advance for any thought you might have!

92 S4
85 944
90 80Q

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