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> I was talking to Javad and others about Cams and Springs.  I was
> wondering if anyone has had a cam grinder build them a custom cam for an
> AAN motor and if so who and generically what duration, lift, lobe
> centers they used.  When I rebuilt my head I put in improved springs but
> on the spring rate tester they came out to be only 20lb or so more per
> inch than stock, actually if that.   Javad recomended a company that has
> some springs I was wondering if anyone else has used some other springs
> from one of the big valve and spring manufactureres, Ferrea, Isky,
> Crower, Del, Manley.....
> I have been talking to the local cam grinder about doing a custom cam,
> does anyone have a core that I could borrow, I would be happy to give
> you mine after I had the cam ground.
> I would also be interested if anyone has a cam doctor or other file of
> the RS2 or 7A or even stock cam.  Or if I could borrow one to turn it in
> on a cam doctor.
> Thanks,
> Trevor.

Do a web search on Cat Cams in germany, everything you want including hyd and
solid cam profiles and springs, etc..  make sure you have done your homework
on cams in turbo applications tho.

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