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We beat this horse to death every October, and the archives are loaded with
everyone's "mine is bigger than yours" comments on snow tire brands, etc.
Here is the skinny:
1.  15" steels with snows if you have stock brakes;
2.  If you got some versions of big brakes, you may be able to fit 16"ers,
stock or otherwise;
3.  Some of us drive in snow more than others, and don't care to use our
shiny Porsche calipers to clean the snowpack from inside our wheels, so we
run 17"ers.  Bigger is NOT better, no matter what my girlfriend (Pizzo)
says.  (sorry Pizzo, you were climbing the ranks a little fast after your,
er, "The Don", photoshoot, so I just HAD to bring it).

That said, some of us wait until we are no longer able to brake, steer, or
accelerate before we break down and drop $800 on Nokian Hakka C2's
(factory-studded) in a 225/45/17 and pray that they are not too wide.  Nope,
not "too" wide, but W I D E nonetheless for a snow.  In fact, they are, dare
I say, FRUCKING AWESOME, considering that they are a tad wider than the
195's I am used to running on prior Audi's.

Others have had good luck with the Dunlop Wintersport M2 in a 225, as well
as the Michelin Pilot Alpin.  General consensus is that at 1/2 treadwear,
however, any benefits of a 225 "snow" tire are gone (unless you run Nokia's,
of course).


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OK, now that I know they will fit, can I make decent snow tires with these
rims (17x7.5)?  Any suggestions on tires?  Or would the setup be too wide to
make good snows.



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