[s-cars] Trouble in 4KCSQ Land

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I realize there are some...let's call them "cultural differences"
between us here on the right coast and you there on the left one.  But
doesn't this pretty much sum the home thing up?

"Back in September of 02 I sold my 1986 4KCSQ to a local kid for $1500"

IMO, you'd be crazy to do anything for this guy.  You must have some
evidence (signing over a title, maybe a bank deposit, photocopy of a
check, anything?) that shows  this transaction happened 4 months ago --
how can you possibly be liable for anything now?

You sound awfully nice to even consider doing something -- maybe crazy
-- but I just don't understand how/why you'd consider it.


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Hi group,

I need some advice to make sure I know where I stand.  First of all, I
know I screwed up, but that is water under the bridge...

Back in September of 02 I sold my 1986 4KCSQ to a local kid for $1500.
At that time there was about 180K miles on it. He works in a local
tire/auto repair shop and I figured he was a perfect match for the car.
He told me he'd have the car smogged at his shop.

Well for various reasons (and this is where I screwed up) it never
happened.  I asked him several times to have this done.  Now the
registration is coming due and he calls to tell me it won't smog.  It
passed smog just fine a year ago when I owned it and it was burning
about a quart of oil between 3000 mile changes.  He tells me that the
exhaust needs to be replaced (which I told him when he bought it, it's
the original) and that once that is done, the smog guy tells him that
the HC levels will increase over their already too high numbers.  He
said that the car is now burning about a quart of oil every week or two.

He has put new tires and a new alternator in the car.

I think I'm in trouble on this one.  I called the local Audi recycling
yard and they will take it off my hands for free.  I'm thinking that I
may have to give the kid $1000 to take the car back, figuring $500
towards the time he has driven it... seems fair(?).

Smog mechanic said we should replace the exhaust, which has to be done,
and then start to look at what else may need to be done.  He said it
could need a valve job.  Of course the kid I sold it to doesn't want to
pay for anything and he is leaving town the end of this month for a new
job.  I really don't have the desire to sink any money into it.

Registration is due the 20th of this month, only $55 and a smog check is
not required if I keep it since it passed last year... will need to be
smogged next year.  The fact that I am selling it is kicking in the need
for a smog check now.

What I'm thinking about is to take the car back and use it as a daily
driver for a year to keep the miles off of my S4.  The front seat is
broken and I'm pretty sure I'll have to spend some money on it to get it
running right.  Another thought is to ask this group if there is anyone
on this list interested in it as a parts car.  It's not in too bad shape
for a 17 year old car.  The body is fine and the dash has no cracks.  I
took pretty good care of it thanks to this list.  Car is located in
Northern California.

Any input would be appreciated.  Yes, I know that the first thing I
should have done is to get it smogged...


94 S4
4KCSQ (?)

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