[s-cars] Re: Trouble in 4KCSQ Land

Steven Sprague ssprague at nmgovlaw.com
Wed Jan 15 16:56:03 EST 2003


I'd second Javad's suggestion.  My 84 4kq had 319k miles on the original motor and passed CA smog check cleaner than the averages printed on the receipts.  Amazing.  I had a local shop do the rear portion with a stainless steel muffler for $125 and the 84's has a unique bend in the back.  Shouldn't be much more to plumb the rest.


JShadzi at aol.com wrote:

> Greg, it *probably* just needs a new cat, about $125 aftermarket, that's all my '86 needed when it wouldn't smog, a new exh. at a local muffler shop might run another $100 or so, and you'll have a nice car on the road again.  Not saying its the cat 100%, how could I know from over here, but likely as there isn't much that goes wrong with those cars and they run really clean.
> Doesn't sound like a parts car to me...yet.
> HTH,
> Javad
> San Mateo, CA
> >Hi group,
> >
> >I need some advice to make sure I know where I stand.  First of all, I
> >know I screwed up, but that is water under the bridge...
> >
> >Back in September of 02 I sold my 1986 4KCSQ to a local kid for $1500.
> >At that time there was about 180K miles on it. He works in a local
> >tire/auto repair shop and I figured he was a perfect match for the car.
> >He told me he'd have the car smogged at his shop.
> >
> >Well for various reasons (and this is where I screwed up) it never
> >happened.  I asked him several times to have this done.  Now the
> >registration is coming due and he calls to tell me it won't smog.  It
> >passed smog just fine a year ago when I owned it and it was burning
> >about a quart of oil between 3000 mile changes.  He tells me that the
> >exhaust needs to be replaced (which I told him when he bought it, it's
> >the original) and that once that is done, the smog guy tells him that
> >the HC levels will increase over their already too high numbers.  He
> >said that the car is now burning about a quart of oil every week or two.
> >
> >He has put new tires and a new alternator in the car.
> >
> >I think I'm in trouble on this one.  I called the local Audi recycling
> >yard and they will take it off my hands for free.  I'm thinking that I
> >may have to give the kid $1000 to take the car back, figuring $500
> >towards the time he has driven it... seems fair(?).
> >
> >Smog mechanic said we should replace the exhaust, which has to be done,
> >and then start to look at what else may need to be done.  He said it
> >could need a valve job.  Of course the kid I sold it to doesn't want to
> >pay for anything and he is leaving town the end of this month for a new
> >job.  I really don't have the desire to sink any money into it.
> >
> >Registration is due the 20th of this month, only $55 and a smog check is
> >not required if I keep it since it passed last year... will need to be
> >smogged next year.  The fact that I am selling it is kicking in the need
> >for a smog check now.
> >
> >What I'm thinking about is to take the car back and use it as a daily
> >driver for a year to keep the miles off of my S4.  The front seat is
> >broken and I'm pretty sure I'll have to spend some money on it to get it
> >running right.  Another thought is to ask this group if there is anyone
> >on this list interested in it as a parts car.  It's not in too bad shape
> >for a 17 year old car.  The body is fine and the dash has no cracks.  I
> >took pretty good care of it thanks to this list.  Car is located in
> >Northern California.
> >
> >Any input would be appreciated.  Yes, I know that the first thing I
> >should have done is to get it smogged...
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >Greg
> >94 S4
> >4KCSQ (?)
> >
> >

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