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This topic is simple physics.  Take all the crap about always shift at max.
torque, always shift at max. horsepower, always shift right after the second
hand on the clock is lined up with the tach needle, etc. and throw it out
the window.

Simply do the following.  Take the gear ratios times the torque you are
producing in gear 1...graph it vs. speed and rpm.  Take the torque you are
producing in the next highest gear times the gear ratio...graph it vs. speed
and rpm.  Where the two cross is the shiftpoint you want.  If the first gear
is higher than the next gear all the way up to redline in the first gear
then redline is the best you can do...or maybe a little over depending on
how gutsy you are and if you have a rev limiter still in the car :)

Bill, your butt probably doesn't deceive you, in a stock UrS Car redline is
it.  Just look at Scott Mockry's torque graph of the stock engine and it's
easy to see why.

Having this data is one of the benefits of getting the car dyno'd.


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Came across this web based shift point calculator

For me just running up to red line seems to work pretty well per the
buttOmeter, butt is that where rs2 makes peak HP?
Bill M  -mad man shifting at 7k
         and apologies if this is a dead horse

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