[s-cars] E-Brake Cable Replacement?

Martin, Gary G MartinGG at aetna.com
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I've done this on my S4 and my 91 200, so I can give you a few tips. First
off, you probably could get a better price from the online vendors, such as
www.bimmerparts.com or Scott Mockry at http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/ I
spent the xtra $$'s at the dealer, before I found out this little fact.
	First off, let me say I only did the right side. You will probably
have to deal with some rust. The hardest part is a little clip that holds
the cable in a housing in the tunnel. Get this clip from the dealer so you
can get an idea of how to take it out. If it's rusted, patience and probably
some solvent is needed. That is the hardest part. I used a dremel tool to
cut off the cable front attachment. On my S4, I did not remove the
driveshaft at the rear, for more room to work. On the 200 I did.  HTH


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My emergency brake has been sticking on for a few days (I have stopped using
it now).  After examining both rear calipers and freeing up the e-brake cam
(as per s-cars.org procedure) -- I have determined that the problem is
actually with the cable itself.  I have ordered one from the dealer and it
should be in by the weekend.  Does anyone have a written procedure for
replacing the e-brake cable or even some words of wisdom on this job?

'92 Black S4

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