[s-cars] Subie WRX AWD (NAC)

Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at trw.com
Thu Jan 16 17:37:18 EST 2003


I was mentioning a R32, not a WRX that we got.  The R32 has the 1st gen Haldex, so appropriate caution (or modified haldex-control programming on my part) may be necessary to avoid the Haldex-bite.

Our S3 is getting a 2nd gen Haldex retrofit., I'll update when I see some data.

Did the TT you spun have a rear spoiler? :-)


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A Scoobie round the 'Ring - we wouldn't want you to go maddocking it, would we? These AWD cars require a different technique, don't you know!

Is the 'new' haldex any more predictable than the old?


(accomplished spinner of Haldex cars when the ESP is 'ON")

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