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Thu Jan 16 15:36:18 EST 2003


I've got them on my S6 Avant.  I have hakka 1's on my 99 A6 Avant and 90 CQ.
I'm in Vermont and we've had a fair bit of snow so far this year, so it's been
nice to evaluate the differences.

The Semp's are fine.  They are H rated, whereas the Hakka 1's aren't.  Better
dry weather performance then the hakkas, but still do pretty well in the snow
and crud.   Just don't be to heavy on the throttle.  I'd get them again.

While I find the hakkas great, they really cut down on the fun when the roads
are clear.

99 A6 Avant
95.5 S6 Avant
90 CQ
85 Coupe GT

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:10:32 -0600 John Mertz
<john.mertz at firstbank-illinois.com> wrote:

> I know most of you guys go high end, but on the
> other end, has anyone heard
> of or had any experience with Semperrit snow
> tires?  A local guy says for
> the limited time I'll have them on around here,
> they are just fine.
> John in Chicago without snows
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