[s-cars] CD Changer for 93 S4 Why not use MP3 player instead ? Please read...

Robert Pastore rpastore at animalfeeds.com
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That's right, I sold the changer out of my 93 s4 to Jim cause I was selling
the car, then six months later bought my 95 Avant and had to buy the same
type changer back from Keith Maddock.

Net-net I might have I broke even, but made 2 friends along the way.

The changers are easily replaced with Sony cdx-a xx (10,15,30 - any will
work) which are readily and cheaply available used on Ebay.   The difficult
part is the NLA tranceiver or "Magic Box", which is now impssoible to find.

BTW, I got a special bonus when I bought Keith's changer.   The cartridge
was filled with 10 Cd's....Kenny G, Seals & Croft, Enya...I'll let Keith
A/K/A "Mr. Motown sound" TRY TO defend himself and I won't list the other


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I have to disagree with you there.  Bruce has a 93 (? or is a 94) which
would use the 10-disk changer, whih I certainly don't regard as a "small
number"  of CD's.  Also, mine has bean dead-nuts reliable for the last
2.5 years after I bought it from Bob Pastore, God (well, and perhaps Bob
too) only knows how long it had been used before that.
However, it wasn't cheap and if I were going to redo everything today, I
would probably talk to Bill Mahoney more about his iPod solution,
however i am pretty anal as far as keeping everything sort of factory
looking and have a personal pet peeve about non-factory displays etc.
Somehow it just bugs me aesthetically, I guess.  That is why I like the
factory 10-disk changer, especially with the IC display.
At the time I was lucky to find the changer and I am glad I did, like I
said, it has been a very positive experience without any problems.

Jim K
95.5 S6 Avant
93 S4 for sale with 10-disk changer that has never caused problems.

P.S. Bruce: Wanna buy my 10 disk changer with the car attached?  You kno
wyou coul duse a perfectly well running parts car.

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Subject: [s-cars] CD Changer for 93 S4  Why not use MP3 player instead?
Please read...

As most of us know there is a very specific cd changer needed to use
with our factory Bose system.... These Changers tend to break and cause
problems,and only hold a small number of cd's.

Why not use an MP3 player instead? using your PC you can rip cd's to
your hard drive and play them back with an mp3 player. I have included
a link to a hard drive based mp3 player made by Neo (Neo car jukebox)
that can hold up to 80 gig worth of music!


This is a real nice player, it can be mounted in your trunk like a cd
changer, and has a display that is mounted on your dash. For some
Aftermarket head units it has an adapter that allows it to display
track information on the radio display.

I tried to get a group purchase going last year and would be glad to
try again, I would hope to get the price down below $350.

Please let me know if there is any interest; if there are others with
more knowledge on MP3's please post your thoughts.


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