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The fact that your recent visiting tuner is an employee of VAG leaves him i=
n no position to make value judgements! One of VAG's most duccessful recent=
 car commercials starred an engineer who was a dedicated sound engineer, th=
e sound of a door closing that is, and so dedicated that he preferred to sp=
end his life shutting car doors to rescuing his family life, if VAG, and th=
eir customers think this is admirable then what value can we place on their=
 other opinions.

The Old Man tag when applied to the RS6 is misleading, like the car. Anothe=
r tuner, from a small Bavarian village called Wettstetten, described the RS=
6 (in tuned form) as the most dangerous car he had ever driven, it is so de=
ceptively fast compared to the RS4 which makes a song and dance about it. P=
erhaps you have to be an 'Old Man' to be 'enough of a man' to drive an RS6!


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Following recent dicussions on manual gearbox (for tuned RS6), I would> >li=
ke to know what is the worst for a manual gearbox:>Our recent visiting tune=
r ( and employee of the VAG) classified the RS6 as an'old mans car'! Fits d=
oesnt it. I would have guessed some of those ravingabout it on the list wer=
e younger. Tom S owns a 480hp rs4 and says it is a'mans car'.When does your=
s come Godfadda??Rod

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