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Perry Eyges perryeyges at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 17 09:04:46 EST 2003

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  I've gotta agree in regard to tradin stump pullin for autobahn blasting. =
My S4(heavily modded) still running stock turbos ahead of RS4 intercoolers =
has that great gut wrenching torque feel when rolling on the throttle from =
apex to corner exit!!!!
     Can't wait to hear your test data and thoughts on the terrible twosome=
 S4 and RS6..     I put myself at the top of our RS4 list. I'm one of those=
 people that can see the inherent value in an Audi S or RS car and don't ha=
ve any qualms about paying whatever the market demands. Sales people are ex=
pected to pay the going price for any RS car. I'll just be happy to have th=
e opportunity to get one.
  I paid $40,000 for my Audi Assured 1 year old S4 Avant with 9,000mi and h=
ave never looked back on that decision.
 Heading for Seefeld tomorrow!  Regards, Perry_________
02 S6 Avant(wifes 1st love), 01 S4 Avant(love of my life), 83 urQ track car=
(for sale)

 Frank Amoroso <fjamoroso at webtv.net> wrote:I am off to AZ next week for the=
 north american press intro for the RS6
& neu S4 / S4 Avant (after catching a little Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

There will be some Audi and q GmbH honchos on hand, so if any of you
have any questions pass them along and I'll get them answered.

As to old man status, well I'm all of 32, although I'll be damned if a
dose of smooth eloquence doesn't make me seem a little more mature than
some of you earlier models. I guess I'm just an old soul as I like my
long wheelbase sedans and my AWD twin turbo wagons as much as I like my
Graham's '77 and my Montecristo #2s.

That being said, I am excited to get behind the wheel of the RS6, again,
to see how it compares to my June drive. If your definition of old man
car includes putting your (and the four other passangers) head(s) into
the seat everytime you dip into the throttle, well then, where do I sign
up son?

Don't forget, Ace, I've driven RS4s, both across the pond (stock) and
here in the states (modified). Phenomenal car, it is just tough to beat
413 lb-ft of torque at 1,950 RPM, and most of the high horsepower RS4s
have eschewed stump pullin' for bahn burnin'.

To be honest, Sport, I've driven breathed on B5 S4s that had every bit
of the RS4s top end, but with far more pleasing low-end grunt.

As to when the RS6 makes it to my garage? Depends on if the dealer tries
to charge me a stupid tax, I mean premium. If so, I'll probably wait out
the forthcoming RS4 (another prime stupid tax candidate), or look into
importing an RS6 Avant at some point (Nasdaq 3,000, please?). Until
then, I'll continue to drive my ten year old, four door, old man's car,
just like you.

As an aside, after driving a lot of new cars lately I've gotten more
than a I bargained for. The itch for something newer, tighter, lighter
and more lithe than my UrS4. After driving the 350Z track for a week, it
sure got me wondering why I've been driving around in a relatively
nondescript foor door sedan the past five years?

We now return to your regularly scheduled youngin' programming.

Frank at s-cars.org

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