[s-cars] Stromung, "SS" available now.

jeff posto jpostup at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 17 09:12:04 EST 2003

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Hi ,

A rare moment has occurred where Stromung has a few available "SS" exhaust =
systems available. That is inventory is built right now, and available to p=
urchase for those wanting a 3" stainless exhaust. For those new to the list=
, write to me off-list and I can fill in details. It is turbo to tailpipe.

I can place orders if you want one, holding the normal GP price, without a =
GP minimum.
("This is an unusual and rare oportunity. Because usually, I have to chase =
orders, place orders , wait for production and pester Stromung to deliver t=
aking months.;-("

Right now I have one humorous lister taking unit #1, a guy who wears CarHar=

Get yer system ready for springtime boyz.

write if interested.

Jeff Posto

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