[s-cars] CT sighting(s)

Rich Assarabowski konecc at snet.net
Fri Jan 17 21:26:53 EST 2003

Nope, didn't see you guys this morning in my Coupe.  But I will admit I
that pulled onto I84 about 9 am yesterday in the S4 in that cold New
England morning air, engine was already nice and warmed up.  Didn't slow
down until tach hit 5000 in 5th (I won't incriminate myself by posting
the speed in case we have State Troopers reading this list ;)  Wow, this
cold dense air sure is a nice kicker!

-- Rich A.

>Me in HOV lane 84W 8:15 a.m. in Vernon, CT in my "emerald" UrS6,
(though it's more like a nasty shade of salty
>white).  And of COURSE I had a passenger with me ;-).  You stuck in
heavy suckertraffic in a silver UrS4, stock,
>NJ >tags.  Lister?

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