[s-cars] Stromung, worth it?

jeff posto jpostup at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 18 05:17:59 EST 2003

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I really enjoy the energy of this list as indicated by the gush of postings=
 on the  Stromung exhaust.
Disclaimer: I am openly and obviously biased, since I originated the Stromu=
ng "SS" GP back in 2000, own one, and have moved about 60 systems with 4 GP=
's since that first round.
I read most of the posts, and have a few comments. That an $1.59 gets you a=
 Starbucks cooffee this AM, but for the new listers, they may benefit from =
our collective experience.
The recent reviews of Maddocks, Munger, Pizzo, Payne and others capture mos=
t of the benefits from this system. IF you read farther back in S-car histo=
ry, C. Smith, F. Amoroso, B. Mendel, S. Betzold all offered their opinions =
as well.  Write me offlist for all the reviews I accumulated. Forgive me if=
 I didn't mention your name here.
I can attest to Cody and Joe's initial remarks.  They wrote about the car w=
ith OEM system in the morning, change to Stromung during day and their driv=
e at night caused an immediate noticeable improvement of boost initiation (=
lower in the curve) and stronger pull to the upper revs. Pizzo was a riot w=
here he blew off a date just so he could drive around NYC with his new syst=
em. Keith said it best when he stated the driving experience is simply much=
 more satisfying.
I couldn't agree with him more, being a former V8 big block guy, and audiop=
hile these primal instincts are satisfied with the deep muscular tonal rumb=
le of the Stromung.
As analytical as I am (BSEE) I did not foot the bill to dyno test before an=
d after. To my knowledge nobody has. This would add facts to the debate ove=
r benefits once and for all. Losing 70 pounds, making access to the drivetr=
ain 'easy' because you can remove individual sections, power increase are a=
ll real  benefits.
Is it worth $1200?? Lets face it boyz, we're all a bit nuts, modifying a pe=
rfectly running car with ECU updates, Stage A-Z, suspension, brakes, iPods,=
 tires/wheels etc.  If cost were the objective, you would leave your car al=
But not in this culture, we do it because "we enjoy it"
Sound: Refer to Taka and Serge who road in my S car last summer  Paul's S-F=
Stromung absolutely nailed the audio levels. You don't hear it in the cabin=
 under normal driving, its does not boom at all, the WAF is very high, and =
it is simply kickass cool. Run it up to high revs and it roars.
See http://elektro.cmhnet.org/~audi/ for pictures if you persist.
Audio: Write to me for several megabyte wavefiles Better yet, tell me your =
geographic location, and I'll recommend an owner near you who will take you=
 for a test drive in his/her Stromung equipped car.
Sure, you can build one at a local fabricator, Brullen in Ontario, and othe=
r methods exploiting the 2.25 I.D. OEM pipes. This community would welcome =
alternative methods.
And in doing so you'll retrace the steps the Stromung crew traversed (4 yea=
rs) in terms of fitment, audio levels, repeatability in manufacturing, low =
cost. $1200 can be beat, and it will take some time to accomplish this I be=
IF you would rather do other things with your time, write me off list for d=
 *You STILL won't have those Stromung branded tips and decals for your coll=
Jeff Posto Stromung GP slave, and audiophile.
1993 S4, modified.
 Joseph Pizzimenti <pizzoman at yahoo.com> wrote:Hap,
Look under your car. I don't know how low your car
is, but mine w/H&R V8's is low enough with the 3 inch
PostoSport Special. I think a 3.5 inch or even 4 inch
downpipe going down to a Y section to 2 2.5 inch
sections straight back would be pretty nice. But,
that's more money than a Stromung and you will have
downtime with your car. For a 3 hour install, the
Stromung is sweet.

Jeff P can tell you that once I got the Stromung put
on, he got a frantic phone call from me screaming
about how much I loved the thing. It now slaps up
against my tranny, but that's more due to motor mounts
and tranny mounts than anything else.

Any design can always be improved on, and the Stromung
is no exception, but there is an improvement in boost
threshold both in strapping the system on and slapping
a straight pipe on...and it sounds NICE. YMMV

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> > With this in mind, and given the sound my car
> makes on the dyno the 3 inch
> > Stromung is not adequate for the Happersize
> Speciale. Can you spell 4 inch?
> >
> >
> Can you spell DRONE
> Rod
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