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Sat Jan 18 12:29:45 EST 2003

The 'stealer' charged you $280 for this item???. OUCH!!! is all I'm saying.

94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> Headlights: might be a fried headlight swith on the steering column?
> Temp Regulator Flap Motor, Audi p/n 443 820 511 A: I just replaced mine,
> in doing so, discovered that it was simply a loose connection. During this
> testing, I lost track of which was the new one and which was the old one,
> since they both appeared pristine. As a result of this, I have a perfectly
> good one, perhaps brand new, in my desk. I'd be happy to pass it along, if
> you need one, for $140 (half what I paid for the new one) plus postage.
> Bentley has a very good description of how to replace it. It basically
> entails removing the plastic tray at the base of the windshield and
> the wiper motor and actuating mechanism to get at it.
> -Ian Duff.

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