[s-cars] Stromung, worth it?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 19 19:34:59 EST 2003

I can attest to what Jeff P. is talking about-
his car sounds GREAT- very little, if any, drone
and awesome engine sounds.

My Stromung is the 1st gen, so it does drone, but
sure sounds great at WOT.

I didn't get mine for a performance aspect, but rather
due to two cat failures, center resonator failure and
rear muffler failure all within a year- this prompted me
to get the Stromung as I needed a rear muffler and a cat
at the same time.

Unlike the others, I never really noticed a decrease in
turbo spool-up times, although it does seem to rev to redline
a bit more freely than before. The best part of the exhaust
to me is that it sounds great, it is well-made and looks nice,
not obnoxious like those coffee-can exhausts you see on
Civics around here.

I'll save getting the HKS Super Drager for the Evo 8. ;-)


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