[s-cars] OEM Xenon relay question

James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
Mon Jan 20 09:30:26 EST 2003

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Why would real OEM xenons be that different than aftermarket xenons? I see =
no reason for a "relay" to the power source unless these OEM xenons consume=
 more wattage than your regular lights (check your ballast wattage, and you=
 might want to find out the in-rush current to see if you will be blowing f=
uses). Xenons typically have a lower wattage but can have a large in-rush c=
urrent, so there should be no need for a relay but you might need to put a =
bigger fuse, simply connect up in place of your old lights. See my LLTEK HI=
D install, it might help:


best viewed with Internet Explorer for some reason... gotta get around to f=
ixing that write up...

Cheers, /James.

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> Audi Freaks,
> I will be installing REAL OEM xenons soon, and I am thinking that I should
> probably relay the power source to the ballast, just to be safe.
> Any opinions, BTDT?
> "Bob"
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