[s-cars] Stromung, worth it?

mlp qwest mlped at qwest.net
Mon Jan 20 08:47:45 EST 2003

Gee, and here I've been all this time trying to balance mine by
moving the coffee cup holders from front to rear & rear to front,
fine tuning with "Will that be with cream, no cream or Half & half."

Mike "Virus free & trying to stay that way, even if I do have one tire on
backwards**" Pederson, in Colorado but not quite as high as Hap.

** but I have an excuse for that

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~This is precisely why I went to the 26mm RSB and have a receiver hitch
~installed on the rear of my car.
~Hap, feeling superiorily(is that a word?) balanced in Evergreen, Maguire

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