[s-cars] S-car haiku

Dave Burig dburig at igsenergy.com
Mon Jan 20 17:05:03 EST 2003

contemplate dualies
call Pizzo, the S car judge
bet he won't like them

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Yes Tom, but then Ray'd have

to "flare his rear fenders"
to cover his dualies
which'd probably provoke
another poke from
il Consigliore Pastore.

Mike "Does this come close to an Italian Haiku?" in Denver

PS Ray, I've already warned Bob I think he's a fool for flirting with
disaster in sass'n anyone who travels with an attitude, 50lbs of tool, and a
90 lbs German Shepard in the back seat.

Bob said he's not worried.  He's met the dog, its really a pussy cat and
finally he's going to talk to Pizzo about coming by in morning to start his
car for him (? Italian Seppuku) for the next couple of weeks  :-)

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~Forget the valve caps; try a twin wheel set-up on the rear, adding at least
~100lb to the ass-end for a more balanced approach to 50/50.
~Tom Black

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~> I weigh in at a stealth 230lbs, carry 50lbs of tools in the
~trunk, my 90lb German Shepherd in the back seat,

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