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Richard Tanimura Richard at Tanimuras.com
Tue Jan 21 11:00:33 EST 2003

I used to be the area manager for some European countries including Poland.
I have travelled quite a bit all over the country. The Polski Fiat were a
well known. But the really dangerous stuff was whipping along country roads
towards evening trying to get home after a long day and running up behind a
horse drawn hay wagon. No running lights. No brake lights. No lights period.
10 km an hour top speed. Big as a house and with the wagon bed just about
the right height to take your head off. Yowza!!


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A  trip last fall to rural Poland (helping a friend named Brodak find his
roots), revealed (to me at least) that the "maluch" still constitutes a
LARGE percentage of the Polish road fleet, at least in the boon-docks.
They got REALLY annoying after while of trying to keep up a good average
speed on the backroads with the 968...


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>>> "Rich Assarabowski" <konecc at snet.net> 05:43:04 21.01.2003 >>>
It's hilarious, especially those burnouts (not the stock engine
though!!).  My wife and I were bursting at the seams watching the clip
(she's from Poland, I've been there many times).  The Fiat 126p is made
in Poland under license from Fiat, air cooled rear engine, 600cc, 4800
rpm max, max speed of 105 km/hr, I think something like 25 HP.  Imagine
this scene -- a Polish family of 4 going on vacation with a trailer
hitch and roof rack on this car, used to be a common sight in the old
days.  The "maluch" (Polish for "mini") is gradually disappearing in
modern Poland in favor of more civilized cars.

-- Rich A.
   '93 S4
   (my first car was a Fiat 128, 50 HP and 1100cc, twice the power and
displacement of a 126p!)

>This is really a hoot.  Reminds of the Ford Shogun project, except with
4 wheel steering and the decision to run
>the drive train the other way around. Got to give those Poles credit.

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