[s-cars] RE: Throttle adjustment opinion? (Photo Link included)

Paul Krasusky KrasuskyP at FirstInterBank.com
Tue Jan 21 10:25:00 EST 2003

Ahhhhhhhhhh...  Jamu the Archive Hoar strikes again!  Man you're good. 8-).
I'll leave further instruction to Ray / Tom, as whatever I tell you to do
will be the opposite of right.

It IS worth the effort though, at least in my case.  Still enjoying the very
notable difference.  WOW comes to mind.

-P sparking "discussions", etc.

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Subject: Throttle adjustment opinion? (Photo Link included)

Back in mid-December Paul K. sparked a discussion on Throttle Link
Adjusment, some secret "S-Car trick" that Ray T. performed. I had heard of
such a trick but never understood it, so I wanted to try it myself thinking
my throttle probably needed adjustment. I followed the Bentley procedure
first and recorded it in the link below. This seems the right way to me but
I after I finished I still had lots of slack (same as before) but yet the
pedal hit the floor at WOT? This seems correct to me as it doesn't stress
the linkage when pedal is to the floor, but am I missing something on this
elusive "S-car" trick? Opinions welcome...

A few quick photo's makes it easier to explain:


Cheers, /Jamu.

Ray's "S-car Trick" and Tom's advice below:

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	For those of us running without Audi's over-engineered "comfort" gas
it is easy to notice if you have overtightened the throttle cable, as Tom

	It is easier, however, to have someone floor the throttle, while you
the throttle linkage to see if there is still slack to be taken up by the
cable adjustment.  Then you will know how much you need to take up, and then

go from there.

	DISCLAIMER:  The aforementioned assumes the vehicle is not running,
"off".  To be sure,  remove all spark plugs, all gasoline, ignition
solenoid, ignition, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, BOTH PSO's, and battery.
The aforementioned assumes further that you generally drive a Honda Accord
or Ford Tore-ass, and remain unsure as to whether your car is running or

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	Be careful doing this!  Make sure you do not over tighten!

	When the pedal is pushed to the floor, the throttle should be wide
The adjustment is at the throttle body and is not difficult to figure out.
Trial and error is a good method.  Be careful; if you over tighten, you run
the risk of breaking the cable or the linkage.
(BTDT on a few VW's)

	Tom Mullane
Hartford, CT
91 200Q
91 CQ
99 A6Q
Various other crap...

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	Before adjusting the throttle cable, check to make sure your
position sensor is properly aligned.  When you just touch the throttle
linkage open, you should hear a click.  This, of course, tests only that the

switch opens and closes "physically", as opposed to whether the switch
properly bumps up the fuel enrichment.

	Next, look at the throttle cable.  See where the cable mounts atop
throttle body?  See the little metal clip that slips over the grooved
sleeve?  BEFORE removing the clip, pull the cable away/straight back.  I bet

100% of the cars on the road (that have not already adjusted their cables)
need adjustment.  How much can you pull the cable back before the throttle
linkage on the TB begins to swing the butterfly's open?  1/2" or so?  Pull
the clip, then reinsert the clip right before the point where the TB linkage

begins to actuate the Throttle Position sensor.  If the sensor is properly
aligned, then you will notice that the TP sensor is not triggered until the
linkage moves ever-so-slightly.

	If your car is like mine, Paul's, and all the UrS's with about 100k
on the
clock, you will also note that this may be the last time your throttle cable

can be adjusted - simply stretched to its limits.


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