[s-cars] CD Changer woes - AGH!

Bruce Mendel brucem105 at comcast.net
Tue Jan 21 17:04:27 EST 2003

Has anyone actually done this standard Sony unit for OEM swap? Ir did I just
blow $50? :)

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Bruce:  What Taka says does NOT surprise me.  I was more surprised that some
people were saying/thinking that a "normal" Sony player worked and that you
could just get one off e-Bay.   I had looked into that about 4 years ago and
remember lots of threads on the old S-cars list about how neither the
regular Sony (10 disc) or Alpine (6 disc) over the counter (non-Audi) units
would work in our cars.  I even spent some time on the phone with the Alpine
techies in Toronto on this topic.  My conclusion was that due to some deal
with Sony and Alpine, Audi had them build "exclusive" models (internal
wiring changes) so that the new and replacement units had to be purchased
through Audi.

If this isn't true, I am really p*ss'd.

Dave (missed the whole CD thing because of Audi's pricing) F.

Taka Wrote:

The "normal" Sony CD changers require two sets of cables to work
properly- the "Unilink" cable which looks like a DIN cable, and a
normal pair of RCA interconnects. Without the RCAs, you won't get
any sound, although the track/disc data is transferred via the Unilink

I don't know how the Audi interface works, if there is a different
on the cable that handles this or if there is a pair of RCAs that you
need to hook up somewhere?


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