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Earlier, Bruce Mendel wrote:
> I'm doing exactly that now, and can torture you for days off-list with my
> experiences.  Let me know if you have insomnia, and I'll cure it with
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> Bruce
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> From: "Mark Strangways" <strangconst at rogers.com>
> > On my Can 93 S4 I have the "intensive" washer fluid reservoir. My initial
> > thought is, since I don't have any fluid in it for the last several years
> > why could I not use it and some form of nozzle to inject a fluid (maybe
> > methyl hydrate / water in the winter) into the intake just before the
> > intercooler. I would use a temperature controller to modulate the pump
> > based on temperature at the intake.
> >
> > Does this sound feasible? Or a waste of time ?

If you guys are looking for an intelligent way to control a water spray,
take a look at the links to the Labtronics unit:


This also has links to the Davtron temperature differential gauge,
it will show you temps before IC, after IC, or diff across IC.

    - Charlie

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