[s-cars] I5 Block heater

Bjørn Eirik Ødegård Bjorn.Eirik.Odegard at roxar.com
Wed Jan 22 11:42:23 EST 2003

I put in a block warmer some year ago, and since it's supposed to be mounted just below the turbo, (see www. defa.com for the Defa unit. I just LOVE the DEFA Warm-Up system!!!) it's kinda hard to get to. especially since there's a small ridge inside the freeze plug holes on the I5 engines! Use a big screw and a sliding hammer to get the sucker out, no way to flip it in the hole like on 'ordinary' engines. (A bit of common sense is also OK, there's not THAT much space between the plug and the cylinders..)

If you ever hit 0degC, you probably should get a block heater, as a cold start, even with a 10degC engine, wears a good deal on the engine. Remember that the -10degC is just 20 degrees (or 25%) worse than a +10 deg start, and the higher temp, the less wear. (but of course, electicity isn't cheap either, so don't overdo it!)

Don't know the Audi number, but I guess the DEFA-page might give you the proper size. (or at least you might compare to other models/makes warmers..

My $.02..

Bjorn  :o)
'92 S4 nice'n'warm, even in -20degC..

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> A brief foray into both the US and Euro Family Albums just now reveals
> nothing. Might not be there, or might be my feeble attempts at searching.
> OTOH, I have heard that pn ZAP 289 106 is a block heater. No info on whether
> it goes in a freeze plug or any other mounting, and both Family Albums don't
> recognize it as a valid pn, but one never knows...
> -Ian Duff.
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> Subject: [s-cars] I5 Block heater
> Anyone remember (as I do) seeing this on ETKA/Fiche?  I thought there was a
> freeze plug type block heater available as "cold weather" package....
> Anyone
> install one on a water cooled turbo block?  Best yet, valid PN?
> Thanks
> Scott Justusson
> '83 urq looking to be warm at Steamboat....
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