[s-cars] Water injection.

James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
Wed Jan 22 09:50:03 EST 2003

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Can an S-Car without "intensive" washer fluid reservoir be adpated to one? =
if so how do you install this exclusive washer fluid reservoir? I wonder if=
 it can easily be bought from either the "Stealer" or junk yard?

Cheers, /James "Curious" Murray.

P=2ES. Ronin... cool, send me the link/FTP please.

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> On my Can 93 S4 I have the "intensive" washer fluid reservoir. My initial
> thought is, since I don't have any fluid in it for the last several years
> why could I not use it and some form of nozzle to inject a fluid (maybe
> methyl hydrate / water in the winter) into the intake just before the
> intercooler. I would use a temperature controller to modulate the pump ba=
> on temperature at the intake.
> Does this sound feasible? Or a waste of time ?
> regards
> Mark...
> P.S. I am making a portion of ronin available online to those who express=
> interest. The idea is you can download a "trailer" and see if the quality=
> what you want.
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